Become a SoloSpouse
Partner Organization

Offer SoloSpouse as a benefit to your employees, members and teams. By becoming a SoloSpouse Partner Organization, you can offer your members assistance during a critical time that will help get them back to living their life.

Why offer SoloSpouse as an organization Benefit

  • Solves an unmet need for individuals and employers.
  • Provides tactical pragmatic step-by-step support.
  • Offers community partners for local resources.
  • Transforms the unimaginable into manageable steps that can restore productive work and joy.

Life insurance, for example is a baseline benefit option and serves a critical need, but only addresses one thing – money. The surviving spouse has a lot more to deal with than that. Just ask one:

I didn’t even know if we had a life insurance policy.  With no time to grieve my loss, the necessities of life pulled me in so many uncertain directions.  No one plans a funeral at my age.
– Lara-Charlottesville, VA

Ask us how to make this distinctive benefit available to your members. Please fill out the form below to inquire about becoming a SoloSpouse Partner Organization.

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A More Constructive Label for Forging Ahead

SoloSpouse is a modern term to redefine one who is on a solitary and often overwhelming path after the significant loss of a life partner. A partnership is reduced to a solitary mission to pick up the pieces and forge ahead. You are now solely responsible for everything that two people took care of before, and this often includes a combination of major roles such as household management, parenting, and working outside the home, to name a few.

But this new identity can be made easier through seeking community and learning from others who are experiencing similar changes and challenges. SoloSpouses can find strength and examples from others in similar positions and from vetted professionals they can trust in this new normal.


We understand that you may need help. We're here to do everything we can to support you and the members of our community. When you contact us, your email is redirected to someone on our team who will reach back out to you immediately. Thank you for your inquiry and we look forward to connecting with you.

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