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When you lose a partner, SoloSpouse is here to provide support and help you manage the details so you can move forward in a positive way. Our help is freely given to SoloSpouses.

We can help

SoloSpouse is a tactical tool for managing the logistics of mortality and rebuilding a joyful life on the other side. From checklists and straight-to-the-point educational content, to a real world network of members who share your experience, we’re a single source for navigating the unimaginable—so that you can get back to focusing on the people and activities that you love.

Rebuilding a life you love

We believe that end-of-life planning isn’t just about navigating the financial, legal and social repercussions of your spouse’s death. It’s also about planning for your future—from returning to the workforce, to caring for children and pets, to handling new household responsibilities. We empower our members to anticipate and manage these challenges through educational content, trusted resources and an active community of members to support you through the process.

A step-by-step approach

There are no words for the grief, disbelief and shock that comes with losing a spouse. Managing this sorrow can be overwhelming—especially when paired with a growing to-do list of practical concerns. SoloSpouse proactively guides you through the process of prioritizing and addressing these tasks, while allowing you to set the pace. Our goal is to ensure that you still have a partner and the resources you need to lay the foundation for what lies ahead.

Referrals you can trust

From funerals to financial planning, when you are your most vulnerable, it’s hard to know who to trust. That’s why we built a directory of regional service providers who align with our mission of providing transparent, straightforward support when you need it most. From lawyers, to therapists, to general contractors, SoloSpouse carefully vets each provider, allowing you to confidently take the next step and leave the research to us.

Why join the solospouse community

  • A series of step-by-step modules to get you back on your feet.
  • A supportive community of members who’ve been there.
  • Expert help with getting your accounts, paperwork and finances in order.
  • A forum to ask questions and get help with moving your life forward.
  • Important resources and services that have been vetted by us.
  • Assistance with memorial considerations.
  • Answers to questions you don’t know to ask.
  • Solo household management, tools and templates.
  • Meetup at exclusive SoloSpouse events.

You’re here Because:

  • There is so much to do, but I can’t think straight right now.
  • I need help from someone I can trust in my area.
  • It is so comforting to find people who know what I’m going through and can share their experience and wisdom.

You’re in the right place

Let’s Begin

Find Support with

Your loss and recovery experience is your own.  Yet, you can’t do it alone.  Our goal is to erase the stress from practical matters.  You will find support for the full range of topics each with a full list of tasks and how-to’s.  We left no stone unturned.

Let’s Have a Quick Look
At What Kind of Topics You will Find in Our Guideposts

You Need to Eat | Even the most basic tasks can feel overwhelming in the early days of grief, yet shoring up your physical strength is the first step in rebuilding from scratch.

Leaning into Faith | Faith is not a requirement for navigating death or rebuilding a meaningful life, yet it does play an important role in the experience of believers.

Digital Housekeeping | Today, our lives are lived in parallel—in-person and online. When the real world stops spinning, it can feel unbearably tragic to manage the virtual side of your partner’s past.
Wishful Thinking | This guidepost will help you build a wishlist of tasks that others can take on and will help you designate a trusted friend to manage that list.

Keeping Kids on Track | This guidepost will share tips for ensuring your children’s needs are met in real-time—mentally, physically, educationally and spiritually.

Your New CEO Status | It may be the promotion you never wanted, but you’re now in charge of the household. This guidepost will help you navigate the day-to-day.


On September 18, 2015 at 11:11 PM time of death was called for my truest love and, in ways I hadn’t yet begun to understand, my life and the lives of my children changed forever.

The process navigating the hundreds of tasks, arrangements, and accounts was overwhelming in the midst of my grief.

I created SoloSpouse to not only help others navigate that incredibly difficult time but also realize what I’m still learning…

…Our most traumatic losses can create spectacular growth and strength.

Kelly Barnett, Grateful Founder

Meet Clair

Clair is a marketing and business development expert with a successful track record of bringing technology innovations and concepts to market. Her experience with NASA funding and commercialization process translates across markets.

Besides working in healthcare, finance, and industry, Clair has first-hand knowledge of turning loss to purpose by helping create a thriving nonprofit dedicated to teen mental health following the death of her sixteen-year-old niece.

Clair Norman, Co-Founder

What People in the Community
say about us

Our mission

To engage every SoloSpouse during a fragile season of life so that we can lend a hand on the journey forward.

To provide a product which erases the stress from the full range of tasks following the loss of a partner.

While we offer a host of regional and national experts for online guidance, we connect with local providers to create the network of nearby resources for SoloSpouses.

If that is part of your organization’s mission please contact us. Our network is growing! Please join us.

A More Constructive Label for Forging Ahead

SoloSpouse is a modern term to redefine one who is on a solitary and often overwhelming path after the significant loss of a life partner. A partnership is reduced to a solitary mission to pick up the pieces and forge ahead. You are now solely responsible for everything that two people took care of before, and this often includes a combination of major roles such as household management, parenting, and working outside the home, to name a few.

But this new identity can be made easier through seeking community and learning from others who are experiencing similar changes and challenges. SoloSpouses can find strength and examples from others in similar positions and from vetted professionals they can trust in this new normal.


We understand that you may need help. We're here to do everything we can to support you and the members of our community. When you contact us, your email is redirected to someone on our team who will reach back out to you immediately. Thank you for your inquiry and we look forward to connecting with you.

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